Heyrestore Reviews | Is Heyrestore Scam or Legit?

Today we take a deeper look into the online store "Heyrestore"!

In this day and age, it is unfortunately difficult to tell at first glance whether a so-called 'e-commerce' company is legitimate or fraudulent.
That is exactly why we have taken a strict second look at the 'Heyrestore' company!

First of all, the store has been around for a while, but their social media presence has only been around since early 2021.
But this is not a reason to fear, this can have several reasons possibly a newly revised technologynew strategies or the company wants to reach several new customers.

We have contacted a few customers privately on Facebook who seem to have ordered through the online store 'Heyrestore' and asked for their opinion, the processes the quality of the product and the service and actually got over 94% positive feedback from nearly 50 surveyed customers who responded to our questions.
If you want to check out the site: CLICK HERE

Here you can see screenshots from Facebook & Instagram comments we found:

So our basic impression is very positive throughout and we rate the online store 'Heyrestore' so fully Legitim and gets the grade 9.5 | 10 

"There is no such thing that all buyers can be satisfied with a product!"

To this we can only say that we think we have received an accurate answer.
Two of the customers who responded to us told us that they received their package 4-5 days late and mentioned this in a comment on Facebook, whereupon a friendly employee apparently immediately contacted them and immediately passed on their case. She told her was suggested you get 20% refunded or a 35% voucher for yourself or to give away.
Something like this we hear unfortunately increasingly rare so thumbs up!👍

Below you can find more reviews that we have checked for accuracy.


"I've been testing the comb for about 4 months now and my hair is much firmer and the bald spots are finally getting thicker. It takes a while, but if you use it really regularly and pull it off, you will see really great results over time. I will continue to use it and I am really satisfied. It was delivered to me in Canada in 8 days."

Emilio G.

"It's really amazing. Like most, I couldn't believe it really worked, but I bought it 4 months ago and my hair is noticeably stronger and thicker. My bald spots are already starting to go away."

Mavis C.

"It is amazing! My hair becomes noticeably thicker and firmer after just 2 months. I always had very thinning and also thin hair with which I was very dissatisfied. THANK YOU! I don't know what else to say, I'm speechless."

Ginna K.

"In 3 months my bald patches grew in! I suffer from Alopecia and the stress of COVID caused a lot of fallout. I got the comb and haven't even been able to stick to the every other day recommendation. My schedule is hectic so I probably use it 3 times per week. JUST GET IT, YOUR HAIR WILL THANK YOU!"

Karimo C.

"WOW! I use it daily because I am very unsettled with my hair and I notice the first difference after 4 weeks. I will definitely keep using it to get full hair again. THANK YOU FOR THIS INVENTION!"

Harold A.

"After my wife asked for the first time if I had hair implanted, I almost had tears in my eyes that it really helps. I am just overjoyed."

Amanda P.

"I got it very quickly and I'm going to test it out now. Due to the previous reviews, I am very curious."


"I can’t believe it really works. It really cannot be put into words. At first I was very skeptical about how this should work, but it actually helps."

Luthar J.

"The delivery took a little longer for me, but now I'll test the device. Further reports will follow."

Jonathan T.

"After a good 2 months it is really amazing how my hair has developed. Now I can slowly stop wearing hats and caps. A dream becomes true."

Ida G.

"Really remarkable. I can only agree with the others. I also saw the results much earlier than stated. Fortunately, I haven't spent a huge amount of money on a hair transplant."

Amylia C.

"I love the comb. Function is very good and so is the quality. Delivery took 6 days."

karen e.

"It's incredible. When it comes to the results, I can only agree with everyone else. I noticed my first results after about a month and now I have clearly visible results after 2 months. Many of my friends have asked me if I have had an operation. I am very happy to have found the Heyrestore hair growth comb. My questions were answered very quickly and in detail by the support."

Zimunya I.

"I've been using the Heyrestore comb for two months and I'm already seeing clear results. I am really overjoyed. THANK YOU Heyrestore!"

Aden P.

"At first I have to say that the delivery took a little longer than expected because of the one star being withdrawn. But I can only say good things about the product and the support, it is of very high quality, especially for the price, and the support helped me a lot and responded quickly."


"My Heyrestore comb arrived today and so far the quality is very good. I'm so happy that he's finally here. The delivery went faster than expected with me with 5 days. I will give another update in a couple of weeks but currently there are 5 stars."


"I've seen visible results as early as 3 weeks. It's so nice to see that there is a solution to my problem. Thanks for that. The delivery unfortunately had a delay for me, but the support is very fast and friendly."


"After a 4 week test I almost had tears in my eyes for joy. It's not a method where you have new hair overnight, but I think it's sustainable and I'm overjoyed when I saw the first hair grow back. MANY THANKS"

Jonah G.

"I'm really excited that this product really works. I actually ordered it without any great expectations, but now after 2 months of regular use I'm seeing the first results and I'm very happy."

Luna T.

"Vorerst mal, die Lieferung hat etwas länger gedauert als erwartet aber das war nicht so schlimm. Ich teste den Kamm nun seit etwa 4 Monaten und bemerke schon eine deutliche Verbesserung. Auch meiner Familie ist es schon aufgefallen. Für mich hat es sich echt sehr gelohnt und ich bin überglücklich dem Kamm bestellt zu haben. Danke auch an den nettes Support der mir alle Fragen schnell und gut beantwortet hat. Regards, Luna"

Aida T.

"I am very satisfied with both the delivery time and the support. I've only been testing the product for a week and I will give an update when I know more."

Sammy G.

"I've been testing this for 2 months now and I can say I just notice how my hair is getting firmer and denser again. I'm just overjoyed that it really works that well. THANKS FOR THAT"

Somilia K.

"I have only been testing for 2 months now but I claim to see improvement. If this goes on like this then a really big problem will be solved for me. I use it for 10-15 minutes every day."

Aiden E.

"Basically, I am really very satisfied with the product and the quality. I've only tested it for two weeks and can't report anything about the effect yet. The only thing was that the delivery to me took 13 days so it took a little long for me."

Source: checkbeforscamblog
Autor: Denise Paul
Date: 2021-04-03, NY