How To Use Laser Comb For Hair Growth

The number of men and women experiencing substantial hair loss is steadily rising. Hormonal imbalances, alopecia, hereditary factors, an improper diet, and stress are all common causes of hair loss.

Targeting active hair development cells through stimulation is one of the most effective strategies to prevent hair loss. A laser comb accomplishes this same task. Medical laser combs are used to cure hair loss.

These combs help persons with active hair follicles in their scalp regenerate their hair faster. It is a low-cost method of promoting hair growth. Modern technology provides several options for taking care of your hair at home.

Modern technology allows you to take care of your hair at home in a variety of ways. For example, a Laser hair comb is used to maintain scalp tone and prevent hair loss. We’ll look at how to use a laser comb for hair growth and how it works in this article.

How To Use The Laser Comb

The use of the laser comb on a clean scalp after washing is suggested but not necessary. Your hair might be wet, towel-dried, or completely dry. Use the laser comb for hair loss before using topical treatments, gels, sprays, or concealing items.


Make Sure Your Laser Comb Is Charged

Use either the loading cradle or directly insert the power cable in the laser comb’s end handle. Allow 2-3 hours for your laser comb to completely charge during the initial charging process. During the charging process, the red indicator light on the power button will blink. The LED will stop flashing and stay on after the charge is complete.

Switch On The Laser Comb

The laser comb will turn on by pushing and holding the power button until the power button light goes on. Next, press and hold the laser button until it illuminates. It indicates that the laser comb is ready for usage.

Check Scalp Sensitivity Before Start

Please check the laser comb for sensitivity before starting treatment. To begin, place the laser comb flat on your scalp, such that both rows of teeth are in contact with the scalp.

Begin at the hairline

Move the laser comb slowly from the front to the rear of the scalp, stopping for 4 seconds every ½ centimetre (1cm). When combing from front to back, do not lift the laser comb off your head.

Take The Laser Comb Off The Scalp

The laser comb should be lifted from your scalp and reposition near the hairline. Repeat from front to back, then side to side until you’ve covered the whole scalp with numerous passes.


The laser comb will beep and vibrate every four seconds when it is turned on. It indicates that the laser comb should be moved to the next region of the scalp.

Raise Your Hair With Your Fingers

When using a laser comb on long hair, lift your hair with your fingers to ensure that the laser energy reaches your scalp.

Turn Off The Laser Comb After Treatment

After treatment, long-press the power button (bottom button) until the indicator light turns off to switch off the laser comb. For future usage, place the device in the charging cradle. The power cord may be left hooked into the charging cradle at all times.

Does Laser Comb Really Work?

HeyComb laser light helps enlarge capillaries and improve microcirculation and boost ATP production in hair follicles. Increased blood flow to the hair follicles enhances the supply of nutrients and oxygen.


The device provides a therapeutic impact without extra lotions or medications, which might alter a person’s hormonal background. As a result, it is a hair treatment procedure that is not only effective but also safe.


Examine your needs before purchasing the best laser comb for hair regrowth. Choose a laser comb if you’re concerned about hair loss. Since genetic hair loss is a chronic problem, the hair will continue to come out if you stop utilizing the device.

Consistency is essential when it comes to laser combs for attaining and keeping healthier, fuller hair.