The team at Heyrestore was born out of Theodore & Kimberly. We have known each other since we were kids and we both had the problem of hair loss early on. Theodore with bald patches and Kimberly suffered from alopecia.

We both suffered greatly from it and if we had to leave our homes at all, we only wanted to go out with our heads covered.
This really gnawed at our confidence to the point that a mild depression developed.

Together we decided that we didn't want a hair transplant, because it would be an intervention in the body and it would be too expensive.
But we also decided to finally tackle this problem.
After a long research and many conversations with many doctors, our options were actually very limited.

The low level laser therapy seemed to be the best in terms of price/performance but it was still very expensive.
So we tried for years to develop and optimize this concept with specialists, normal doctors, neurologists and also homeopathic doctors.

In the end, after many test phases, everyone agreed that it works optimally.
Theodore & Kimberly had first successes with their own product after a few weeks and now we both have full hair again and therefore full self-confidence.

Our team has grown naturally over the years and so has our beloved community.

We were also really grateful that we had each other and could fight this problem together.
Now we have built the biggest community that all have or had the same problem.
We always help and support each other.

Let us help you on your way back to your self-confidence, if you want us to help you.

We are happy to welcome you in our community.

Best wishes
Theodore & Kimberly

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